Muslims Loves Jesus Blog Son of Mary: Promoting Unity and Service in the Atlanta Community

Son of Mary: Promoting Unity and Service in the Atlanta Community

Son of Mary is a non-profit grassroots effort dedicated to promoting Shia ithnia Ashari fundamentals and spreading the beauty and modernity of Islam in the greater Atlanta metropolitan community. With a focus on activism, this mission aims to bridge the gap between different religions, particularly Christianity and Islam, by respecting their differences and highlighting their shared values.

Spreading Dawah and Invitation to Islam

One of the key objectives of Son of Mary is to invite people to explore the teachings of Islam in a way that respects their existing beliefs. By removing cultural barriers and preserving the essence of Islam, this initiative seeks to demonstrate the parallels between Islam and Christianity, showcasing the common values of love, compassion, and justice.

Ministries of Service

Son of Mary recognizes the importance of practical actions in promoting unity and understanding. Therefore, it focuses on ministries of service that address the various needs of the community. These ministries include education and literacy programs, charity work and social services, justice initiatives, healthcare services, and economic development projects.

Unifying Schools of Thought

One of the core principles of Son of Mary is to foster unity among different schools of thought within Islam and other religions. By removing divisive definitions and focusing on the universal teachings of the Holy Prophet, this initiative aims to create an environment where diverse beliefs can coexist harmoniously, promoting peace and understanding.

Promoting Universal Teachings

Son of Mary envisions becoming an institution that promotes the universal nature of the teachings of the Holy Prophet, as intended by Allah (swt). By emphasizing the core principles of Islam, such as love, compassion, and justice, this initiative aims to inspire individuals from all backgrounds to embrace these values and contribute to the betterment of society.

Join the Movement

Son of Mary invites individuals from all walks of life to join this grassroots effort in promoting unity, service, and understanding in the Atlanta community. Whether you are a member of the Shia ithnia Ashari community or someone interested in learning more about Islam, there are various ways to get involved. You can participate in educational programs, volunteer for charity work, support justice initiatives, contribute to healthcare services, or engage in economic development projects.

Through these collective efforts, Son of Mary aims to create a community that celebrates diversity, respects different beliefs, and works towards a common goal of creating a more just and compassionate society. By focusing on service and unity, this initiative strives to build bridges between religions and foster a greater understanding of Islam’s beauty and modernity.

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